Vin Diesel Will Not Be In Avatar 3

Vin Diesel

Avatar: The Way Of Water makes it quite apparent that family is the most important thing. As the Sully family is forced to leave their treetop home for the shores of Pandora’s tropical reefs, Jake and Neytiri are now raising a full gang of gangly youngsters in James Cameron’s movie office megahit sequel. Use of the f-word (‘family,’ not the other one) inevitably draws the attention of one Vin Diesel, who in 2019 released a video on Instagram with filmmaker James Cameron from the set of Avatar, strongly implying that he had landed a part in the director’s several sequels.

Vin Diesel Will Be Left Out 

That isn’t actually the case, as it turns out. Producer Jon Landau confirmed to Empire that “Vin Diesel was a fan.” He came in and stopped by the set one day to check what we were up to, but many misinterpreted what he said. It’s debatable if Vin Diesel started the rumors that he might turn huge and blue in the near future, but for the time being, Diesel is staying in the Fast lane rather than taking a trip to Pandora.

But the next wave of Avatar stories will still be influenced by that idea of family. As I believe every movie will, perhaps The Way Of Water reached its own end, adds Landau. But since we become more and more attached to these individuals, they do set things up. Kiri moves where? What has Lo’ak been doing? What choices will Neytiri and Jake have to make? Our tale will continue to be driven by all of those things. You might say we’re taking the Sully family tale one quarter-saga at a time given that Cameron’s plan calls for four Avatar sequels altogether, with three more to come.