Vivica A Fox Unhappy With Jada Pinket Smith’s Explanation

Vivica A Fox

Vivica A Fox has commented on the infamous slap of Will Smith. Will Smith was involved in one of the biggest controversies of recent times. After the host of the Oscars made a joke about Jada Pinket Smith, Will got angry. He walked straight to Chris Rock and slapped him in front of the crowd. The action was so shocking that the crowd thought it was part of the script. However, the slap had a lot of negative reactions and Will was criticized heavily. He was also banned from attending the Academy Awards.

Jada Pinket Smith addressed the issue recently. She appeared in a show and explained the fact that Will was defending the honor of his wife. She stated that joking about the bald head of Jada made Will very much angry. She also explained in detail about the fact that she suffered from alopecia. However, all these explanations do not seem to please Vivica A Fox. She stated that her statements seemed very much vague. Fox said that she expected a lot more accountability on the part of Jada Pinket Smith. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Vivica A Fox Expected More From Will & Jada Pinket Smith

Vivica A Fox is known to have a great rapport with both Will and Jada Pinket Smith. Fox stated that it was very wrong of Will to slap Chris Rock. She felt that Will could have stood up for his wife in a different manner as well. 

Vivica A Fox said that assaulting a person can never be supported. She also stated that the Oscars were supposed to be the celebration of the diversity between the Africans and the Americans. The slap of Will Smith completely ruined the occasion.