White Lotus Actor Jokes About Being Flirted With

White Lotus

Francesco Zecca, who famously portrayed one of the “palazzo gays,” remarked that since the White Lotus’ popularity, both men and women have been after him.

And when Page Six sarcastically questioned if he accepted any offers, Zecca sarcastically said, “Tutti, tutti… I accept it all. Whatever occurs, I take it! The critically praised series’ second season included the Italian-born actor as Matteo, although he was careful to point out that his character wasn’t one of “these gays” who were ” attempting to assassinate” Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya McQuoid.

White Lotus Actor Is Happy

He told us, “I was the sole individual who truly attempted to save her. “That was funny because they inquired about the gays who want to kill her in every interview on the [2023 SAG Awards] red carpet before the White Lotus cast accepted the trophy for best ensemble. Matteo, my character, is so in love with her that he is unable to kill her. Zecca continued by saying that Matteo was ultimately obliged to do it or he would have met a terrible death.

The “Solo No” actor adds his voice to the chorus of cast mates who have praised Coolidge’s work. He remarked, “Sometimes I truly got goosebumps because I felt how gracious she was with all of us, how great she was, and how fantastic it was that every take she was always different but so particular, so exact, and amazing.

White Lotus actor gushed, “And she is so fun, powerful, fantastic, and extremely enjoyable. Zecca said the nicest thing was having “been a part of this incredible group of individuals.” He is now recognized on the street, which may occasionally be difficult when supporters chastise him for trying to murder Coolidge. “My view of how you can perform this work altered,” he continued.