Texas Woman Starts Money Cramming Business With Her Stimulus Checks Refund: Expected $1M Profit

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stimulus check

31-year-old Texas woman Jasmine Taylor knew by the beginning of January that she is required to set her mind space around money. Having recently got fired from her job, she was hardly surviving out of her side hustles and stimulus checks, which includes working under DoorDash food delivery services along with prescription delivery for pharmacies. Coupled with a student debt of $60,000, a medical debt of $9,000 as well as her credit card debt.

Thus, much like anyone else attempting to figure their lives out, Taylor decided to resort back to YouTube, the place where she came upon the concept of “cash stuffing”. After stumbling on this discovery, she was so amazed that she eventually decided to stick to it. Explaining the concept, she says, she decided to spend only as much as she had in hand. And to maintain her interests and remain accountable, she began to post herself on TikTok, where soon she went viral. 

Woman Goes Viral On TikTok: Makes Business Out Of Stimulus Checks 

After keeping proper track of where she had been spending her money and saving up on her stimulus checks money, Taylor was soon able to pay off not only her student debts entirely, but also her medical and credit card debts. After establishing a huge number of followers (her current number being 628k) Taylor decided to help others grow through her method. She turned her thoughts into a successful business where she sells courses, supplies, and multiple other resources. It’s called Baddies and Budgets. Explaining how the system works, she says that what she primarily started with was to take out a few of her expenses and put them off in other places for future utilization as well as save her stimulus checks. One may even put them into short-term accounts for savings. 

From being someone who carelessly mismanaged money, she turned herself into a young entrepreneur who not only teaches money management but diligently practices the same in her own life.