Erika Jayne Mocks Kathy Hilton’s “RHOBH” Ultimate Statement

Erika Jayne

In one of her recent interviews, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne threw shade at Kathy Hilton’s comment on how she would never be returning to the show if they kept the “Party People” singer. The American pop music artist said despite the given situation, she was there and she (Kathy) was not, which was something that spoke for itself. Adding further that the latter was welcome any time she wanted to join. 

Upon being asked if Kathy Hilton’s absence from all the social activities of the group had something to deal with the former, the pop star staunchly replied no, saying she had no idea about what may have gone wrong. 

Erika Jayne Accuses Hilton To Have Uttered Homophobic Slur 

In their previous disastrous vacation to Aspen, which included the entire cast members, the 51-year-old Jayne had accused Kathy Hilton of having uttered homophobic slang. Something which in their next reunion, the socialite Erika Jayne instantly denied. 

It happened during the same holiday when the 62-year-old Kathy Hilton lost her calm and bad-mouthed all of the cast members as well as her sister, as claimed by Lisa Rinna. However, all such claims had been scoffed at by Hilton, who claimed that Lisa had only spread false allegations about her to secure her job.

It was then revealed by the socialite around October of the previous year when she had told Bravo that she will not be returning to this show next season if her rivals Rinna and Jayne continue to remain on the show. 

However, Rinna herself had declared her exit at the beginning of the new year while Erika Jayne stayed on as a homemaker.