Meghan King Attempted Dating Women In Her Quest For Sexual Exploration

Meghan King

Megan King thinks back out loud to the time when, in her attempt to explore the wild grounds of sexuality, she explored having female partners. After previously having spoken about her intimate experiences, the 38-year-old  star famous for her performances in the “Real Housewives of Orange County”, once again mused upon an amazing outing she had been on with a girl in the city of New York. 

Meghan King admitted to beginning her journey by opening up her dating profile to women and said that although it was her first time being with a woman, she had previously thought about the same. She remained unsure of whether an actual relationship with a girl lay within her interests. Thoughts of being bisexual or a lesbian circled her mind. 

Meghan King further opened up about the details of her date saying that the duo first went for some partying in the city and then concluded in staying together for approximately three whole days! 

Meghan King Speaks Candidly About Her Personal Life

The star also spoke candidly about hooking up with the girl and having fun with it initially.

However, she went on that she did not originally identify as bisexual and had previously never had any sexual experience with another woman, except as part of a threesome. Thus, she recalls narrating the same to her date and calling it off as it would be difficult for her to have a  monogamous connection with another girl. Meghan King had a series of difficult years post her tumultuous divorce from her then-husband Jim Edmonds. The couple who has been married for quite some time, share three children. One daughter and two twin sons. The two are not on good terms with each other. 

Meghan King has had little luck in love, owing to her words, her sex life has been quite incredible. Hope only the best for her!