Meghan King Shares Pictures With Ex-Husband Edmonds And Daughter Aspen

Meghan King

Meghan King shares that she wears her pain with honor as she reflects on her personal life in her Instagram post. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Meghan King shares an adorable throwback photo of her daughter Aspen and now ex-husband Jim Edmonds. In the shared memory, King deludes how ignorant she was to these moments and was clueless that things could turn out this way.   

Meghan King married his now Ex-Husband Edmonds in October of 2014, and soon in June they welcomed their twins Hayes and Hart Edmonds. In the same year due to accusations of multiple affairs of Jim Edmonds, the marriage fell apart resulting in divorce in May of 2021.

Meghan King Pours Her Heart Out As She Mourns For Her Once Lost Family

In the post, she added how envious she has grown of other nuclear families as she mourns for the one she lost. She might be bitter but she wears the pain as a badge of honor. She looks behind to the moments of joy and the price that cost to come this far. King says that her life might look different now but families look all sorts of ways. She shows her gratitude towards Grace and compliments it as the grandest gift of all. She finishes the caption by wishing love to her fans. 

Since the divorce, Jim Edmonds has re-married Kortnie O’Connor. In October of 2021, Cuffe Biden Owens announced his marriage to Meghan King, the nephew of President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden. About two and a half months later the marriage came to a halt as they both announced their separation and got officially annulled in July. 

Later, King is revealed to have found a new love interest named Kenny who cheated on her as disclosed on the latest episode of her podcast. Meghan King has vowed to still be in search of the love she deserves.