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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

YouTube Is Next To Ban President Trump

There has been a new addition to the list of social media platforms taking action against President Donald Trump, following the violence that broke out in the US Capitol building by his supporters. It is our very much beloved, YouTube.

YouTube has blocked the uploading of any new videos from the channel of President Donald Trump. This will go on for at least a week. The social media giant stated their reasons for this action. They made it known that it was done in order to check the high chances of violence that might take place in the near future. YouTube also mentioned that there have been some violations of their policies.

YouTube Takes The Required Action

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All of this originates from the infamous and undemocratic violence that broke out in the US Capitol on the day the Congress was scheduled to affirm the 2020 Presidential election win of the President-elect, Joe Biden. The violence, which turned out to be lethal, was carried out by the supporters of President Trump, following his speech.

The other social media giants to take action against the President following the sad incident is Facebook and Twitter. The account of President Trump with regard to both of these platforms has been blocked or suspended.

YouTube gave a statement according to which the President will also not be able to post any comments from his account. They said that it is an indefinite disability that has been imposed on him. YouTube further mentioned that there was new content that had been posted from the president’s account this Tuesday, that got removed by the company as per the ban.

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There has been no statement from the side of President Donald Trump post the Capitol incident. Until now, he has not taken any responsibility for the violence that ended up killing five people.

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