Was Chuck Norris Really Involved In The Capitol Riot?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

The publicist of actor Chuck Norris spoke out on the ongoing talks about the actor being an active participant in the violent riot that broke out in the US Capitol building last week. The talks originated from a picture of a Chuck Norris look-alike that went viral over social media. The statement of the publicist denying the claims, came out on Tuesday, the 12th of January.

According to the reports, the picture in question was posted by Matthew Bledsoe, a staunch supporter of President Trump who had a role to play in the Capitol riots. The image revealed him with the look-alike of Chuck Norris when the breach of security was just about to take place.

Chuck Norris Confusion Finally Addressed

The Trump supporter clearly mentioned the name of the actor in large font while posting the picture. This attracted the manager of the real Chuck Norris, the 80-year-old Erik Kritzer, to make a comment. He mentioned that the actor was way more good-looking as compared to the look-alike. Kritzer also referred to the person as a “wannabe look-alike”.

That was not it. The manager further gave a little update on the life of the actor. He mentioned that currently, Chuck Norris was busy with his family in Texas. Irrespective of everything, the actor is a supporter of the Republican Party. Nevertheless, he did not publicly support any of the candidates in the 2020 Presidential elections.

Chuck Norris is a martial artist with a black belt. He has been one of the familiar faces of all the tough-guy movie genres throughout the era of 1970s and 1980s. Norris made his grand debut in the year 1972 in the movie, “Return of the Dragon”. Here, the actor can be seen engaged in a deadly fight with Bruce Lee, the legendary acting personality.