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Zachary Levi Was Sent To The Psych Ward

5 years ago, after years of mental health problems and suicide ideation, Zachary Levi disclosed he suffered a “total mental collapse” and was sent to a psych facility.

In an interview with Elizabeth Vargas for her show “Heart of the Matter,” the star spoke up about his three-week time in the hospital, saying, “I have fought with these things most of my career.” When I was 37, around five years ago, I had a mental collapse and realized that I was having these problems.

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Zachary Levi, now 41 years old, claims he had a troubled childhood filled with “vitriol” and “plenty of shouting.” As a coping mechanism, he used “sex or narcotics or liquor.”

Zachary Levi Believes That The Psych Ward Saved His Life

In an interview acquired by the Hollywood Insider, he remarked, “The irony is that liquor may give you this short comfort, but the following day increases that anxiousness tenfold.” As a result, “you are always going back for more,” perpetuating the cycle.

His nervousness worsened over time to the point that he would have a panic attack deciding where to eat.

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“I am sitting in my vehicle, and I remember very clearly that I was gripping onto the wheel and shaking, almost as if I were trying to shake my way out of what was happening, and I was just bawling. I have no idea why I am sobbing. God, help me,” he recalls thinking.

He attempted suicide and afterward sought help in the hospital’s emergency room, where he was eventually admitted to the mental health unit.

To paraphrase, “the falsehoods are screaming into my ears, and the failures that I thought that I’d been enough to feel like, ‘Zach, it does not seem like you are likely to survive this,'” he added.

Zachary Levi’s life was spared thanks to the mental health unit.

He remarked, “Taking my ideas prisoner is among the most critical things, certainly for me.” Unless we constantly remind ourselves to “Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait,” our thoughts can be easily manipulated. Sadly, I am doing it again. Once again, I find myself speaking negatively about myself. I have started being too hard on myself. I am making some assessments about where I am in life.

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