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15 Best Educational Twitter Accounts to Follow

The world of education is constantly changing, and educators are at the forefront of new learning trends. As technology advances, best practices change. So do the expectations of students, parents, policymakers, and employers. Educators need to stay on top of these new developments and trends. One of the best ways to do that is to dive into Twitter, the social media platform that makes it easy for educators to connect and share ideas.

Educational Twitter accounts can be rewarding to follow, especially if you work in the teaching sector. These accounts provide a wealth of information and resources, as well as news about the latest initiatives.

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But Twitter is not the only option for education online. You can find others, like the WritePaper.com site that helps you complete academic assignments! The Internet can be a wonderful place.

Are you looking for an offbeat, thought-provoking read? Then Twitter’s informative accounts are perfect for you. To find the best accounts, we scoured Twitter for tweets about education, coaching policy, and education-related research. We also took inspiration from several lists of Twitter feeds compiled by educators and bloggers. So, let’s get into it.

15 Best Educational Twitter Accounts 

ISTE @iste

The ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) promotes the use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning process. Its mission is to support educators worldwide by integrating technology into teaching and learning.

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In other words, it’s an organization dedicated to empowering educators to leverage the power of teaching technologies.

Teaching With Jennifer Findley @jennfindleyblog

The best Twitter accounts to follow are those that provide not only information but also inspiration and ideas for educators.

Jennifer Findley is a professional social media educator, social media consultant, and speaker. She helps educators use social media to prepare students for a digital world. She is an international speaker and has a blog with free teaching tools!

Guardian Education @GuardianEdu

The Guardian team produces some of the best journalism about education. Their Twitter account, @GuardianEdu, captures this exceptional journalism in easy-to-digest updates.

The account’s tweets revolve around a range of topics, from new research to upcoming policy changes. The account even covers international news to share education ideas from all over the world.

Teacher2Teacher @teacher2teacher

Teacher2Teacher is a community of educators helping each other solve the tough challenges of teaching. Learn and share best practices, ask questions, find answers, and collaborate with other educators from around the world.

If you’ve been looking for an answer to a tough teaching conundrum – check out Teacher2Teacher!

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

Educator Vicki Davis provides her readers with a wealth of free resources:

  • printable materials;
  • lesson ideas;
  • her own original curriculum.

Her blog is filled with hundreds of articles on various related topics, from creating a classroom environment to using technology.

EdSurge @EdSurge

EdSurge is a source of news and opinions for

  • educators;
  • administrators;
  • policymakers;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • researchers;
  • anyone excited by the potential of technology in teaching.

Along with original news and commentary, they publish curated posts from other teaching websites. They also tag posts with keywords and hashtags to make them easier to sort through.

RubyTuesdayBooks @RubyTuesdayBks

RubyTuesdayBooks often pushes the limit with teaching tips, interactive reads, and thought-provoking books for children. The site’s followers receive regular updates with new content. They often post prompt discussions among elementary educators, sharing ideas and asking questions.

It is an excellent educational account with free teaching resources related to books, reading, and literacy!

TeacherToolkit @TeacherToolkit

TeacherToolkit.co.uk is the No.1 education blog in the UK. Their focus is to support teachers worldwide. TeacherToolkit builds a global community where teachers can collaborate and learn from each other.

Tes @tes

Tes is a leading provider of online learning resources for schools. Their online services help schools develop the skills and knowledge of students and teachers.

If you’re a teacher, educator, or student interested in the schooling world, Tes is definitely for you.

Summer Howarth @EduSum

Summer Howarth is the Director of Learning Experience Design at Eventful. She’s passionate about designing learner experiences that span multiple channels, platforms, and devices.

Summer believes in the power of design to make learning more human. She explores the ways to apply human-centered design to educational technology.

Mr G @deputygrocott

His tweets focus on the importance of allowing learners to have a voice and show the varying opinions of students. They are an inspiring read and, if you’ve ever worked in a school, are sure to resonate with you.

If you’re an educator or a learner, Mr G is a must-follow!

Education Week @educationweek

They publish daily with breaking news, commentary, and multimedia content. Their tweets cover everything, from tutoring policy and politics to funding, student affairs, and teaching. Their coverage is generous, bold, and accessible.

EdWeek Digest offers educators the news and information they need to stay on top of critical issues in the field.

Talk for Teaching @PaulGarvey4

Talk for Teaching is a Twitter feed that aims to provide a platform for teachers to exchange ideas.

The feed is run by Paul Garvey, an education blogger who strives to promote the teaching profession through positive messages. Apart from being a useful resource for teachers, it’s a great way for learners to peek into the world of teaching.

Vivienne Porritt Esq. FCCT @ViviennePorritt

Vivienne Porritt, CBE, FCCT, is an education expert and nationally recognized educator, writer, consultant, and advocate. Her mission is to inspire, empower, and support people committed to learning.

She helped edit books 10% Braver and Being 10% Braver about knowing your worth and overcoming personal limitations.

Dr. Catlin Tucker @Catlin_Tucker

Dr. Catlin Tucker is an expert in blended learning. She has years of experience running blended learning programs, is a best-selling author, and is an avid lover of learning.

Her Twitter feed is excellent for anyone interested in blended learning and innovative coaching landscapes.

Wrapping Up

Given the abundance of educational accounts, everyone can use Twitter to gain more knowledge about teaching and learning. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you’ll always find helpful sources of information, inspiration, and community support. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!

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