2023 Mother’s Day Is Indeed Special For Breanna Stewart

breanna stewart

28 years old Basketball player of the New York Liberty, Breanna Stewart announced their second Pregnancy. Her wife Marta Xargay is expecting their second child. Mother’s Day was indeed very special. They announced it on Mother’s Day. The family of three is soon going to be a family of four. Their daughter Ruby isn’t even two years old. However, having a girl is a huge blessing for them. When Ruby was born Stewart won the Gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. She married Marta Xargay in 2021. 

Breanna Stewart’s Life Was Changed After The Birth Of Ruby

Ruby is her Elder daughter. She was born immediately after Breanna Stewart won the gold medal. Ruby Mae Stewart Xargay was born on 9th August. She changed her whole life. It was a surreal moment for her. She couldn’t comprehend things for days. She kept her medal beside Ruby.

Nothing is compared to the joy she felt after the birth of Ruby. This Mother’s Day Breanna Stewart posted a photo of her family. She, her wife little Ruby. They had a little pair of baby sneakers. Dropping the news the traditional way. Ruby Mae Stewart Xargay changed both of her mommies’ life.

Both Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay are basketball players. Even they fell in love with each other while they were on the court. Marta Xargay is now at the peak of her career so is Breanna. Breanna Stewart later gave an interview, she and her wife Marta Xargay are both at the peak of their career yet they managed to start a family. Which is very unlikely for women in athletes. Actively playing on the field and having a baby at the same time is a very rare scene. They have successfully managed everything. Now the second baby is on the line.