A 24-hour Rainfall Equivalent To Two Years’ Worth Of Rain Causes Major Floods In Dubai


Dubai was still experiencing flooding conditions on Wednesday, according to data, following 24 hours of rain equivalent to two years. The DMO reports that between 10 p.m. local time on Monday and 10 p.m. local time on Tuesday, the United Arab Emirates metropolis received almost a half foot—6.26 inches—of rain.

The World Meteorological Organization states that it receives 3.12 inches of rain annually on average—that is, two years’ worth of rain in a single day.

The second-busiest airport in the world, DIA, issued a warning to travelers on Wednesday about “operational challenges” and the ongoing flooding of its runways. The “recovery process will take some time,” it stated.

Flights To And From Dubai Have Been Cancelled For The Time Being

Due to poor weather, national airlines EgyptAir and Iraqi Airways have temporarily canceled flights to and from there, they said on Wednesday.

The low-cost airline Flydubai, which serves the United Arab Emirates, partially resumed operations on Wednesday afternoon local time, following a temporary suspension of all of its flights from Dubai. It stated that other flights had been canceled. Due to “exceptional weather,” the Dubai International Airport temporarily rerouted inbound planes that arrived on Tuesday evening local time, according to a notice from the airport. Due to the weather, all government offices in Dubai as well as private institutions were told to operate remotely on Tuesday.

More than 92% of their yearly precipitation falls between November and March. They usually receive an average of approximately 0.13 inches of rain in April.