Because He Doesn’t “Play That Game,” The Delivery Guy Turns Down 75% Of The Orders That Come In

delivery guy

Once more, let us remind you of the conversation that surrounds tipping culture, especially in the United States. Tipping is customary in several nations worldwide, however, the majority of tales concerning excessive or insufficient tipping certainly originate in the United States.

We frequently hear tales of irritated customers or displeased waiters over gratuities, but we cannot have this discussion without taking delivery guys into account as well. A delivery guy from Philadelphia revealed last year how he maximizes his tips, even if it means turning down some odd assignments. 

Delivery Guy, Jay, Considers His Job “Weekend Side Hustle”

Jay, whose last name was withheld to preserve his privacy, spends ten hours a week delivering food for companies like DoorDash and UberEats.

Jay views his profession as a delivery driver as his “weekend side hustle,” even though he works another job throughout the week. Orders with the highest compensation, often those with the largest upfront tip, are the only ones he takes. To many’s astonishment, Jay even said that he rejects 75% of orders that are sent. Under the username @downtownhustle, he uses TikTok to share his adventures without revealing his identity. The driver told Insider that he avoided taking orders with little gratuities and that he preferred to ride his bike in affluent areas where larger tips were guaranteed.