Aaron Carter Left Out Of Grammy Tribute:

Aaron Carter

Fans of Aaron Carter were left outraged after the Grammy organizers decided to leave the singer out of the In Memoriam segment to honor departed performers. Aaron Carter died of a suspected drug overdose last November.

Furious fans labeled the baffling decision to dump Aaron Carter from the tribute segment as disrespectful following his death at 34. His demise was ignored during the Grammy Awards on Sunday evening.

The In Memoriam segment included a flawless interpretation of Coal Miner’s Daughter by Kacey Musgraves as a tribute to singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn appeared. The singer also passed away last year. Even as tributes to other departed stars appeared onstage, fans of Aaron Carter were furious as they realized that the pop sensation had been ignored by the organizers. Besides Loretta Lynn, the Grammy In Memoriam segment also honored past singers such as Takeoff, tWitch, Lisa Marie Presley, and several other performers from the past.

Fans Say It To Leave Out Aaron Carter Was Disgraceful

Fans immediately were on social media including Twitter to reveal their frustration as they branded it disrespectful and even a disgrace. One tweep, @golddustwoman16 vented her rage and asked why would the Grammys leave out Aaron Carter from the In Memoriam section.

She said that Carter had broken numerous records at such an early age and paved the way for other pop stars who followed him. She stressed that he deserved a mention and an honorable acknowledgment. She termed the slight as ‘horrible,’ and a ‘disgrace.’

Another fan @pandawasthere added that the decision to leave out Carter was disrespectful as f**k. he said that the organizers of the Grammys should make right the slight to the singer. Other fans said that the whole Grammys looked more like a circus even as the backlash kept on coming. Fans maintained that it was a ‘sick’ decision to leave out Aaron Carter.