Accidental Leak Releases Information About The New Apple iPhone 12 And iPhone 12 Pro

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We already know almost every detail about the new Apple iPhone 12 and its line-up. Though there is no official info from Apple itself, several prolific Apple leakers have informed us about the iPhone 12 external redesign, its increased prices and so on. Recently, an accident in the company’s supply chain has confirmed Apple’s iPhone 12 line-up release strategy.

DuanRui, a reliable Apple leaker has recently photographed official stickers for the new iPhone 12 silicon cases. This is a massive leak as it reveals Apple’s naming strategy for the upcoming line-up. The range of the iPhone 12 series consists of the new iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and the all-new Apple iPhone 12 mini. But there’s more to this leak story.

Apple iPhone 12 Leak, What To Expect In The Upcoming Model

Apple fans are mostly relieved but a little surprised as well. For months, fans and Apple leakers have hoped for this line-up. However, this comes as a surprise for those who expected the iPhone 11 successor model will be named iPhone 12 Plus or iPhone 12 Max along with the 5.4-inch display. There would be a lot of confusion if this were the case.

Plus, Apple already has the iPad Mini and Mac mini versions so a mini device in the iPhone section just adds to the Apple range in an intuitive and simple way.

Another interesting thing to focus on is the new design. The company has come up with three silicon iPhone cases. The 6.1-inch display of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will share the same silicon case. Moreover, the display might match with the previous iPhone models like the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XR but they were noticeably thicker than the upcoming iPhone 12 line-up. The silicon cases reveal that you can bid goodbye to the thicker models of long-gone days.

OLED Display, 3D Camera, 5G Connectivity In The New iPhone 12 Series

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Accidental Leak Releases Information About The New Apple iPhone 12 And iPhone 12 Pro 2

The difference in the display thickness of the new model is basically because of the new OLED shift. The earlier models like iPhone 11 or XR used low-resolution and cheaper LCD panels. But that is not the case anymore. The 2020 Apple iPhone 12 line-up has stepped up their game by including an OLED display. The basic difference is that now you can expect your iPhone to be thinner with more power-efficiency and better contrast levels. Case manufacturing, for third-party makers, also just got a lot easier, now with the advent of slicker cases.

But Apple fans are still looking forward to better news regarding the iPhone 12 line-up. Previously, leaks about small batteries, underwhelming performance, no improvement in the notch size and price hike in the iPhone 12 series have been concerns for Apple users. We hope to get official news soon as the release date is just around the corner.