Marketers Turn to Facebook and Instagram to Build Brand Awareness


Few polls were run last week to understand more how marketing goals differ between social media platforms. A platform can be used to accomplish many different goals, yet there is one goal you will most likely invest in and witness a great return on the investment.

These are the most popular social media marketing goals people usually focus on

  1. Lead Generation & Sales
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Customer Service
  4. Brand Awareness

In this poll, Facebook and Instagram were the first 2 platforms selected. Provided the enormous user-base of them both, and the variety of interests and communities in both of them. It’s not surprising that brand awareness is the most common one in both Facebook and Instagram polls.

Regarding Instagram, brand awareness was the first one with 39% of users stating that this is their first goal on the platform. This is an indicator that Instagram is a great platform to start a new brand on social media and to be known between people.

instagram goals pollll 01

Also, brand awareness was the first goal in Facebook too with 30% of the commutative votes. Then, the generation and sales took second place with 26%. Next, came community engagement with 24% of the majority votes.

fb goals poll 01
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Also, it’s not surprising that these polls shared the same results with the first one brand awareness and the last customer service. A lot of marketers adjust their approach for each Instagram and Facebook. However, there is a connection between them both as well.