Adam Levine Accused By Yoga Teacher Of Sending Lewd Messages

Adam Levine

Trouble further mounts for Adam Levine. His yoga teacher claims to be treated like trash by him. She is the fourth woman to have come forward to accuse him of sending lewd messages. 

Accusations Against Adam Levine Increasing

Alanna Zabel was Adam Levine’s yoga instructor from 2007 to 2010. Speaking to the Daily Mail on Thursday, she said that she was treated by him like trash. She was sent a message by Levine expressing a desire to spend a day with her naked. Initially, 49-year-old Zabel thought that the intended recipient of the lewd message received was then Levine’s girlfriend and that the message had been wrongly sent to her.

This message was the cause of much misery and fights with her boyfriend then. This took place around the time when she was to join the band for a 3-month tour in the capacity of a yoga instructor. Adam Levine ignored her whenever she sought clarification for the lewd text and he was not even apologetic about the incident. 

Alanna Zabel says that she felt they cared for each other but Levine cold-stoned her. 

Levine, whose wife is Behati Prinsloo, is pregnant with their third child. 

Sumner Stroh, the sensational Insta model, first accused Adam Levine of having an affair with her on Monday. Levine denied the accusation of the affair. 

Zabel says and hopes that the singer will learn from his mistakes and that she has not come forward with this for a few moments of fame. She hoped the singer will not repeat his mistakes and will be a good role model for his children as she firmly believes children learn more from what they see. 

Levine is yet to comment on the allegations leveled against him by Zabel.