Adele Jokes She Would Look Cheap’ During Beyoncé Tour After Purchasing ‘Glitterball’ Dress on Amazon


Fulfilling Beyoncé’s birthday wish is Adele. The 35-year-old singer has announced she is wearing grey to Queen B’s Renaissance Tour after the singer asked her followers to dress in their most marvelous dresses for the “Virgo season.” On September 4, Beyoncé’s 42nd birthday, Adele is scheduled to attend her concert in LA as part of her tour. 

Adele told the crowd at her residency in Las Vegas on the weekend that she was very excited about seeing Beyonce on Monday. The announcement was caught on camera by TikTok user @delly.fromtheblock. The crowd erupted in applause as she questioned the audience whether any of them ones who had seen Beyoncé yet.  Adele said, “I was like, “I’m not going in silver,” because I love to dress up on weekends and clearly it is her special day show.'” Just as I don’t wear silver despite loving my girl. Okay, I don’t even have silver. I’ll thus just be wearing a dark tracksuit.

Adele To Dress Up As A Mirrorball For Her Queen B

However, the celebrity said that soon after, Adele experienced a change of plans and decided to engage in a bit of late-night internet shopping. She confessed with a chuckle that she was up till three in the morning on Amazon ordering glitterball outfits. “She asked us all to put on our gorgeous dresses, so I’m going to look really tacky in a disco outfit,” I said. God knows how I will look, but it’s all from the internet and it would come on the weekend while I’m here.”

In an update published along with a photo of the mirror-ball cowboy hat she used in the promotional photos declaring the tour, Beyoncé urged the Beyhive to wear silver. “We’ll encircle ourselves with a glittering human mirrorball every night, the message added. Everyone is reflecting on each other’s happiness.”, concluded Beyonce.