Miley Cyrus Claims That TBT While Being A Financial Wreck, Was An Investment In Herself

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Miley Cyrus acknowledged how frequently she made the decision to declare that she would do her own thing during the Bangerz era. The pop sensation, 30, revealed how she entirely sponsored her Bangerz Tour since nobody else believed in her idea in the most recent episode of her Used to Be Young series TikTok, where she contemplates her career and life in the spotlight. 

The “Flowers” singer referred to her successful 2014 tour in promotion of her fourth album as “The Bangerz Tour,” which she described as an expenditure in herself. She did not make one cent on the tour since she wanted it to be the best, said the tour’s organizer. 

Miley Cyrus Discusses Her Creative Conversations With Diane Martel 

Someone continued asking Miley Cyrus why she was doing that since since performed at least 100 concerts without earning any money. There was nobody she would rather spend on than herself, she declared. To create precisely what she believed she and the audience deserved, she paid for everything. Few members of her crew back then, according to the “Angels Like You” singer, understood her plans for the event, which was infamously exceedingly campy and surreal. 

Additionally, Miley Cyrus discussed the significance of the ideas for the performance that she came up with her then-creative director, Diane Martel “[Martel] asked how she would like the ending to be, to which she said she did not know how to end something so big. She wanted the end to be like in The Truman Show “Because I believed The Truman Show to be a true portrayal of my life, she said that she went out on a massive hot dog through the clouds via an exit sign as Jim Carrey did in the movie.