Everything You Need to Know Regarding Influencer Mom Alleged Child Abuser Ruby Franke

Ruby Franke

Ruby Franke, a vlogger who previously had an extremely successful channel on YouTube titled 8 Passengers, which filmed her family’s daily lives. She was arrested on suspicion of child abuse in late August. However, owing to Franke’s rigorous parenting style with the six children she and her husband have, 8 Passengers and Franke have come under fire over the years. Following the criticism, some people began to wonder if she had been abusing her kids, which she spoke about and refuted to Insider around 2020. Ruby Franke and her business partner J. Hildebrandt co-hosted the Connexions podcast when the YouTube channel was discontinued. But according to Insider, that endeavor also raised questions because Hildebrandt and Ruby Franke are accused of using transphobic, homophobic, ableist, and racist, words.

Ruby Franke’s Children Had Allegedly Been Recovered From The Hildebrandt Home

Santa Clara PSD in Utah reports that on August 30, officers received a report that a young person had gone to a neighbor’s house seeking food and water. The young person was described as looking “emaciated” and having “duct tape around their extremities and untended wounds.” The youngster and a second one in a “similar physical situation” were sent to a nearby hospital. 

The two women had been charged with 2 counts of severe child abuse, according to police documents previously examined by the media. Following the finding, the Santa Clara PSD announced Ruby Franke and J. Hildebrandt’s arrest in a news statement. The allegations against the mom of six children and her partner are detailed here. There are rumors that Franke’s kids were discovered at Hildebrandt’s house. According to the SLT, Hildebrandt owned the house where the kids were discovered. The site claims that Hildebrandt’s son, 12, was who reportedly went out of his window and asked a neighbor for assistance.