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Al Roker Shared Throwback Picture Showing His Weight Loss

Al Roker, the journalist is getting better and he recently posted a picture where he showed his former self. In the post, Al Roker shared a throwback picture where he was wearing Levi jeans of 54 size. He wrote that after twenty years he lost 340 lbs and he is extremely happy about that and posted the photos on Instagram where he was holding his old jeans. 

Al Roker Recently Celebrated His 20th Anniversary 

He stated that his journey was a real struggle and he does not want to go back to his previous self again as he has come far from his previous self. Following this post, he also gave his followers some information about his daily workout routine which consists of long walks on the treadmill. 

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Al Roker, the 67-year-old host, started the initiative of getting fit and healthy after his second marriage with Deborah Roberts. He stated that Deborah is a fit woman with size 4 and she works out regularly which is posing a problem in his life. It was getting difficult to see her working out on Saturday mornings where he only used to make breakfast for their children. 

Al Roker even said that his wife was very disappointed and was frustrated with his unhealthy routine. She used to be always mad and asked him to take care of himself by living a healthy life. She wanted Al to change his lifestyle and to show that he cared enough for the relationship. To all this, Al Roker would reply that it was not about her and the issue was with him. 

His life changed completely when he promised his father on his last breath that he would lose weight. Furthermore, he added that once you make a death promise to someone you love, no matter what you will feel tremendous guilt after breaking it.

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