All You Need To Know About Parler


Parler is the latest trending app on social media that is being touted by the politicians of the Republican party and some more experts of the right-wing. During the 2020 election, this app received a lot of attention from the netizens and made its place among the top trending apps of the App Store. Though the app promotes the idea of free speech largely to gain popularity there is no mentioned system of proper fact-checking in it. Quite a few eminent personnel are using this platform, and when the news is searched for on this app it directs the user to several right-winged sites. 

Popularity of Parler

While the campaigning was going on with a full swing the Parler app saw one of the highest numbers of downloads that got it a place among the top trending apps on the App Store. However, there is a claim by field experts that there is no procedure undertaken by the Parler app to verify the information that gets circulated through the app. Instead of verifying the facts, the app makes its promotion by claiming itself to be a free speech arena where any individual is free to make any kind of claims. Unfortunately, major misleading information by the Parler app has been largely circulated over time. This has been a difficult situation to deal with because certain baseless information that was circulated by the app had devastating real-world effects.

It is a very difficult time that the world is currently facing. Anyway the intricate political troubles and blame among the leading personas of the world is doing no good for mankind. Amidst all of this misleading information on popular platforms like Parler could lead to further chaos that could worsen the situation even more.