Children Facing A New Phase Of Their Lives Bravely Says Allison Holker Boss: “Proud Mother”

Allison Holker Boss

This week, Allison Holker Boss has been beaming with maternal pride.

The 35-year-old professional dancer posted pictures of her three kids on their first day of school on Instagram on Wednesday.

Allison Holker Boss captioned the photo saying that her children were back at school. Zaia, her youngest, started preschool, while Maddox turned to second standard, and Weslie, her oldest, was a sophomore. Allison couldn’t be more proud of all her children entering the new phase of their lives with excitement, courage, and confidence. The images show Weslie, 15, and his kids Zaia, 3, and Maddox, 7, all suited for the new school year. Mom kisses Maddox’s cheek while they pose with him wearing a black tee.

Allison Holker Boss Is Very Proud Of Her Children

Another image shows Weslie trying to hide while sitting in the front seat of the automobile while wearing a navy polo. Additionally, the three children of Allison Holker Boss assemble around the table for a casual photograph while apparently enjoying congratulatory ice cream for the end of the school week. Stephen Boss, Holker Boss’s late husband, who committed suicide around December at the age of 40, shared their children with Allison Holker Boss. The mother of three talked openly in May about how she will keep her children close while they go ahead.

In a recent interview with the media, she revealed that she has a close relationship with all her children and that they are always there for her. She further added that her goal is to be extremely strong for her kids. She is very proud of her three children and their ability to express emotions with maturity and navigate them together. Allison Holker Boss also feels sorry for them for putting upon them an unspoken pressure of taking care of her but all of them are open about how they feel, which helps.