Everyone On The Set Of “The View” Was Perplexed By Alyssa Farah Griffin’s Top

Alyssa Farah Griffin

On Thursday morning, the presenters of the show switched topics from politics to another urgent subject: the way Alyssa Farah Griffin was supposed to wear her blouse!

Griffin’s shoulder-bearing shirt caught the attention of her co-hosts on the most recent episode of this talk show program, who questioned whether she was donning the top properly. 34-year-old Alyssa Farah Griffin, wore the top to her left, revealing her shoulder, which generated some excitement on the set. Whoopi Goldberg held out a pair of scissors and claimed that she felt like cutting her button-up shirt herself after Joy Behar was the first to question the appearance.

Whoopi Goldberg Sat With Scissors Just In Case She Needs To Fix Alyssa Farah Griffin’s Top 

Alyssa Farah Griffin said that she did not wish to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but they had been wondering about the shirt and she thought that it needed to be cut for it to work but she thinks that they needed Fran to come before doing anything. Fran was the one who handled all of their clothes, according to Goldberg, 67. Taylor eventually showed up on site and changed Griffin’s appearance. The top was appropriate. Because that was how one was supposed to wear the shirt, she said as she moved the opening of the shoulder closer to Griffin’s chest. Alyssa Farah Griffin said that post the change, it made more sense.

Alyssa Farah may have acknowledged desiring the appearance of her “cold shoulder”, but Goldberg and others were correct to wonder how she had worn the garment all along. The 45-year-old Sara Haines and the other presenters then went for a small break to thank Taylor, who dressed all the ladies of their show for many years.

“How many times have I emerged, how many times have I emerged with my garments on backward… Goldberg jokingly advised her to hold on to her scissors anyway.