Alyssa Milano Speaks Up Strongly About Unkind Messages Against Her Child’s Sports Team Fundraiser

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano has strongly defended her choice to go for a GoFundMe, a crowdfunding page, to support her son’s team. On Thursday the actor went on Instagram and shared screenshots left on Milo, her son’s Instagram account. Some viewers commented that he should be asking her mother why it was not proper of her to go for crowdfunding when she had the money for it.

The screenshot revealed that Alyssa Milano’s son responded to the comments respectfully. He wrote that he was only twelve years old and he loved his mom. He said that she was the greatest mom in the whole world and that she does much for everyone.

When the commentator again responded negatively, Alyssa Milano’s son requested the person to stay off his page and said that he was only twelve.

Trolls Called Alyssa Milano’s Action Selfish And Ridiculous

Alyssa Milao sent a long message and said that every parent goes for crowdfunding to back their children’s sports team. And GoFundMe is a favored medium for them. She said that she was no different from any other parent.

She said that she would love to back the entire team with her own money and pay for their transportation, travel, hotel, uniforms, trading pins, and every other thing needed for the sort of trip they went on. But she said that she alone couldn’t fund that. She hoped that maybe someday she would be able to fund the whole team on her own.

Alyssa Milano further added that if she had paid for the whole trip with her own money, these trolls would have come up with something equally hurtful for her action. She asked such people to leave kids out of their negativity. She said that if they did not want to donate, they had every right to do so. And if anyone was willing to support her son’s team, she welcomed the effort.