Amy Robach Celebrated Unemployment With T.J. Holmes In Mexico

Amy Robach

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are not letting a simple thing like unemployment prevent them from having a good time together in Mexico. The former journalists- who had recently signed multiple exit agreements with ABC after their clandestine affair became public- were seen getting quite cozy during a trip down South.

The photos that were clicked of the couple showed Robach and Holmes looking quite an at ease with each other as they walked the streets of Puerto Vallarta together. There was also a moment when they were holding each other by the waist, and then they held hands while greeting the other fans. The former hosts’ trip to Mexico came after a month of them leaving ABC with compensation packages after their affair made the news headlines. 

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are spending quite a gala time in Mexico

Back in January, an ABC News spokesperson stated that after several riveting conversations with Amy Robach and TJ Holmes about the multiple options that they could choose- it was agreed that the best course of action for everyone would be if they moved on from the channel.

Nevertheless, their commitment and talent had been recognized by the channel over the years, and they were definitely grateful to the duo for their service and contributions. Although it is not known what the contents of their severance packages were, the spokesperson did state that Robach received a much larger package than Holmes- for she had been with the network for a longer period of time. 

The romance of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach became public in November 2021, when the pair were spotted getting quite close to each other during their multiple outings across New York City. It was also rumored- which later became true- that the couple had left their spouses back in August of 2021.