Amy Schumer Faces Puffy Face Questions With Recent Diagnosis Of Cushing Syndrome

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer

Cushing syndrome has been identified in Amy Schumer. The Mayo Clinic states that the illness arises from having too much cortisol, the main stress hormone, in the body for an extended period. Gaining weight, elevated blood pressure, and bone loss are possible symptoms. Medication, radiation therapy, or surgery are all possible courses of treatment.

Days after fans started to wonder why Amy Schumer, 42, had a “puffier” face on her promo tour for season 2 of Life & Beth, Schumer disclosed her diagnosis in Friday’s edition of Jessica Yellin’s “News Not Noise” newsletter. The actress said that after receiving a diagnosis, she felt “reborn” and that she discovered her illness while promoting her program.

Amy Schumer On Being Open And Aware About Her Medical Condition

“I was in MRI machines for four hours at a time, having my veins shut down from the quantity of blood taken, and worrying that I would not live to see my kid grow up as I was doing press on camera for my Hulu program. Thus, learning that Schumer is healthy and has the type of Cushing that would resolve itself was the best news he could have imagined.” Amy Schumer claimed that “having the internet chime in” about her performance made her aware that something wasn’t quite right.

“It has been a crazy couple [of] weeks for me and my family,” she stated. “Besides worrying about my health, I had to appear on camera so that others could comment online. But I’m grateful for it. Since it was then that I became aware that something was off.” Amy Schumer stated she wanted to “advocate for women’s health” in response to a question about why she was willing to share her “personal medical information.” “I have lived with and seen the shame and judgment of our constantly changing bodies for a very long time”, Schumer concluded.