Benny Blanco Uncommon Pedicure As A Tribute To Selena Gomez

Benny Blanco

Benny Blanco paid a quirky tribute inspired by Selena Gomez’s Snack Love. The famous music producer hired a nail painting technician to coat the favorite pickle brand of the actress.

Benny Blanco has been inspired by Gomez’s latest styling moment. Blanco, whose real name is Benjamin J. Levin, flaunted his latest pedicure in his social media post on Instagram.

Benny Blanco’s art has been created by @nailedbytax, a popular nail technician. The famous music producer showed images of his pickle-themed pedicure on Instagram Stories last Friday.

The sign of Selena’s favorite pickle brand was part of the drawing on his art. The logo of the pickle brand from Texas was drawn on the big toes while Benny Blanco’s other toes flaunted intricate art that made them look unerringly similar to pickles.

Benny Blanco’s Novel Methods Has Fans Amused

Fans were amused by the novel way Benny Blanco adapted to show his love for Selena Gomez. One user commented that Blanco was committed totally while another remarked that the couple was the ideal goal for others. A third added that the painting was a great job, and he loved that that particular brand of pickles was Gomez’s favorite.

Before he sported the picked look, Benny Blanco shared a pickled snack on TikTok that he prepared for Selena for Valentine’s Day. Blanco also shared a picture of a shipment of Gomez’s favorite brand of pickles that have come in directly from Texas to their home in California just in time for the holidays.

Blanco mentioned how he pries the pickles and noted that he adds a certain brand of soft drink to it for flavor. He also shared a picture of Gomez smiling as she is seen sitting in a car. She was wearing a white scarf on her head and was dressed in a furry coat.

Gomez also shared an Instagram Post marking her first Valentine’s Day celebration with Blanco. In the pic, Gomez was seen with Benny Blanco. She flashed a peace sign and flashed her peace sign. Their romance was publicly confirmed in December last year.