Academy Decides Not To Revoke Oscars Nomination From Andrea Riseborough

Andrea Riseborough
Andrea Risborough

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences made its recent announcement on January 27th regarding the conduction of a review of the academy awards regulations for campaigns online. Andrea Riseborough’s nomination for Oscar would not be revoked as of the latest was revealed on Tuesday.

Andrea Riseborough Turns Back Some Heads With Her Latest Campaign

This announcement comes following days after a review of the Academy’s Motion Picture Arts and Sciences being directed to regulate rules for the awards’ as a part of online campaigning. Further revelations reveal that actress originating from British Andrea Riseborough can keep her nominations for Best Actress for her role in ‘To Leslie’ after a grassroots full of social media campaigns formed by her fellow actors.

CEO of the Academy, Bill Kramer said that based on the raised concerns about award campaigns by Andrea Riseborough for ‘To Leslie’ last week, Academy began its thorough review check on the film’s campaign tactics. After inspection, the Academy decided that the act in question doesn’t meet the revocation level to proclaim the movie’s nomination rescinded. Kramer added, however, the social media along with the outreach campaign tactics were discovered to raise quite an eyebrow. These tactics will be further addressed directly with parties held responsible and correct measures would be taken. 

The main purpose the Academy’s online campaigning rules and regulations maintain is to form an ethical and fairground for the ceremony to proceed; these are the inherent core values the Academy follows. Given the rise of controversial reviews, it is quite evident that the regulations need to be further clarified and ensure an improved framework for inclusive, unbiased, and respectful campaigning in the community. These new changes will come into action from the next year and will get dispersed amongst the members. The Academy promises to strive in creating a safe environment where voting will solely be based on the artistic and technicalities of an eligible film and its achievements.