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Andrew Shue Deletes Old Memories

Sometimes, you have to hit the reset button. The Melrose Place actor made that clear when he replaced all of his Instagram photos with a new one that shows him and Amy Robach posing at an event in New York City. “My wife @ajrobach is a very special woman,” he wrote in the caption. “She has a beautiful heart, soul & mind.”

The pair were married in 1997 after meeting on the set of a TV movie called Four Witnesses (they were both guest stars). The couple went on to star together in their own show called Time of Your Life (1998), which only lasted one season but was later turned into another show called So Little Time (2002-2003) starring Ashley Johnson as their daughter Madison.

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Actor Andrew Shue and journalist Amy Robach have been married since 2004. They share two children together and are very much in love. But when it comes to Instagram, the couple is not on the same page.

Andrew Shue Looking For A Fresh Start

On Thursday, Andrew Shue deleted all of his Instagram photos—including pics with his wife—and posted a lengthy message explaining why he did so: “I am deleting my social media accounts today.” The reason? His wife’s ongoing battle with breast cancer.

“As many of you know,” Andrew Shue wrote, “my wife Amy has had breast cancer for four years now.” It’s been an ongoing struggle for both of them as she underwent treatment and recovered from surgery after surgery over the years; however, in late 2018 she relapsed with stage 4 disease (the worst kind).

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“This past year has been one full of mixed emotions,” he continued. “We started off excited about our new house we were building (which is almost finished) only to find out that Amy’s cancer had returned yet again…We fought hard…but then last month we got some devastating news; her tumor had grown quite large.”

Andrew Shue wrote that while they’re still optimistic about their options going forward, they’re facing this challenge head-on as they always have by working together as a family unit:

“Our kids are helping us through this journey more than anyone else could imagine,” he noted at length before concluding by thanking everyone who’s been there for them along their journey so far: “I hope someday soon I will be able to share again what life looks like outside these walls—what it feels like when you aren’t trying just survive anymore but instead thrive.”

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