Andy Cohen Is Making Memories

andy cohen

Andy Cohen like any other father tries to make time for his children from his busy schedule. Kids love parks so does Cohen’s daughter. The father of two often posts little magical moments from his children’s lives. He recently went out with his ten-month-old daughter to a park. He shared that on Instagram with a cute little caption. He seems very happy around his little girl. Her little two teeth are visible with joy.

Fresh Spring On The Face Of Andy Cohen And His Family

Andy Cohen recently went to the park with his ten-month-old daughter Lucy. Lucy seems very happy as her father gives her a little push on the swing. Andy Cohen posted a photo of him and his daughter together at a park in new york city. As spring is approaching people likes to spend more time outside. He posted the photo and captioned it with swinging Saturday with a rainbow.

Andy Cohen often talks about his personal life on his talk show. How his priorities have changed since the arrival of his son Ben, 10 years old. His daughter is lucy 10 months old. Andy Cohen often chose to stay home and spend quality time with his kids as much as he can.

He has never been a stay home person but these two little sunshine made his life more beautiful. He doesn’t want to miss any chances of their growing up period. Another day he shared a story on his Instagram. His little daughter crawled up to his lap and fell asleep.

During daylight saving time little lucy was adjusting to it like any other person. She was in deep sleep on the couch. Andy Cohen captured the moment and captioned it with not ok with jumping forward. Andy Cohen is a single parent and focused on making the two kids’ lives better. He rather shifted his focus to support. He is doing everything he can to let know his kids that they have him by their side no matter what.