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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Another Update on Stimulus Checks: States Sending These Payments this Week

Some states are still trying to help the common American with the stimulus payment checks.

Residents of more than twelve states in the States are going to receive payments of stimulus checks this week. These checks are hoped to help the citizens to combat the uprising costs of living because of the inflation problem.

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Due to the constant uprising of living costs, four new states have joined the race to send out stimulus checks to their residents like the Federal Government used to send the checks in the time of the Covid pandemic.

Some New States Are Going To Send Out Stimulus Checks to Their Residents 

Four new states announced the payment of the stimulus checks to their eligible residents on July 18th.

Indiana is one of the states offering such payments. The residents of Indiana will be receiving a one-time payment of 125USDs to support the households in the coming weeks. The governor’s office, however, has decided the amount to be 250USDs for the joint tax filers of the state.

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Chicago and Illinois are some of the four new states to send out stimulus checks this week. Almost 3500 families who were in the UBI program of the city are all going to receive their payments in the coming week. The payments for these states are as much as 500USDs, and the residents will be getting the amount on a per-month basis over the year.

However, if you move further down the line towards the south, New Mexico is another state set to send out 250USDs to their single tax filers that are making less than 75000USDs a year and 500USDs for couple tax filers who are making less than 15000USDs a year.

The fourth state on our list is going to be Maine, which might be receiving 850USDs as stimulus payment checks. Married couples in the state, however, are expected to gain double that amount.

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