Ant Anstead Denies Attempt To Take Away Son From Christina Haack

ant anstead

Ant Anstead was not taking it lying down when a hack blamed him for conspiring to take away their son from ex-wife Christina Hall-Haack. The 43-year-old former host of Wheeler Dealers instead hit back at an Instagram commentator on May 22 who warned him not to try to take away his son from his mother.

And Anstead took umbrage and hit back, asking where he got the idea that he would be doing that. He categorically stated that it was something that he would never want, and expressed surprise that he even had that idea in his head.

Christina Says That Ant Anstead Escalated The Private Situation

Ant Anstead wed the 38-year-old star of Flip or Flop, Christina in 2018 and split in 2020. They settled their divorce 9 months later. Ant Anstead filed for sole custody in an emergency appeal in April saying that Christina used their son, Hudson, in commercials to sell stuff when he was in her custody in March.

The petition was dismissed by a judge and the two are due to battle it out in court this year. Following the court filing by Anstead, Christina responded in US Weekly, saying that Anstead’s conduct saddened her.

She said that if the issue was solely about their son as he had claimed, he could have handled it privately away from the media glare through mediation or an arbitrator. She said that she and her advocate had suggested such a course of action to resolve the dispute.

Christina added that while she had her fair share of ups and downs, she had always been a good mother and loved her children deeply, and would do anything to protect them.

A judge instructed the two to be present at a mediating session this month and address the custody issue. The mediation is slated for the 15th of next month, and they will be back in court on the 28th of the same month.