Ian Schinelli Opens Up About Ex Jana Kramer After Tense Separation

ian schinelli

Ian Schinelli wants to ensure that people get to know his part of the story after his split from country music singer and actress Jana Kramer, and he is not keeping the lid on his thoughts. The ex-Navy Seal separated from the country singer in April following a relationship that lasted 6 months.

While the One Tree Hill actress has been forthcoming about her relationship and split, Schinelli has remained silent for so long. the songstress confirmed their breakup in an interview she recently gave. But Schinelli felt the need to speak up after reading several statements that he felt were inaccurate recounting of events leading to the breakup.   

Ian Schinelli Spoke Of How Her Toxicity Affected Their Brief Relationship

The fitness trainer says that he walked away because he did not feel right about certain things. He said he spoke to people, realizing that she had a strong attachment to her past, in part due to her emotional attachment to her ex that lasted the whole relationship between Schinelli and Jana Kramer. Ian Schinelli says that things degenerated to a stage when he could not take it anymore. He stressed that he tried hard but could not make the relationship last.

Ian Schinelli says that he still cares about her, but there came a time when he had to give it all up. He spoke of the toxicity in their relationship and how he suppressed his personal life to make the relationship work. Schinelli says that the only thing that he wanted was to visit the gym. He says he did his part at the house.

Earlier, Jana Kramer has spoken about being emotionally exhausted from her recent breakup. She said that though she gives much grace to people for their mistakes, she has certain boundaries that she claims she did not stick to. She also accused Ian Schinelli of lying to her. Her previous marriage of 6 years to Mike Caussin broke up because of what she alleged was adultery and inappropriate marital demeanor. She has two children from her previous marriage to Caussin.