Bruce Willis’s Wife Captures Him Playing Basketball

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis appeared in a video shot by Emma Heming, his second wife, after being diagnosed with the brain disorder aphasia. He appeared cheerful as he enjoyed some quality family time with his family.

His family, including his first wife Demi Moore, and children from both marriages, announced in March that he had been diagnosed with aphasia and would be retiring from the limelight. Heming uploaded the endearing footage of Bruce Willis as he played basketball with friends and family. She captioned the clip, ‘I see you BeeDub.’

His supportive extended family first revealed the news of his illness in March. Rumer, his 33-year-old daughter posted a very heartfelt and personal message about Bruce Willis.

She addressed Bruce’s amazing fans and said that the whole family wished to share about his serious health issues and that he had been affected by aphasia that was inhibiting his cognitive skills.

Bruce Willis Has Taken A Careful Decision To Step Back From His Career

Rumer further said that after careful consideration, Bruce Willis would be saying goodbye to his career that had meant the world to him. Aphasia is a condition that upsets a person’s ability to communicate, both through the spoken and the written word. The condition can occur suddenly after a head injury or a stroke. It has left Bruce Willis struggling to communicate with his close ones.

Heming spoke of the challenging time the family was family and was appreciative of the support, love, and compassion. She added that they were moving on as a tough family unit and wished to involve his fans for all that they meant to him. She said that they planned to live up to Bruce Willis’s motto to ‘live it up.’

Emma shares two daughters, 10-year-old Mabel and 8-year-old Evelyn, with Bruce Willis, and recently said that she continues to struggle to make time for self-care each day. She says that she has put her family’s needs above her own and that has taken a toll on her mental health.