Scout Willis, The Daughter Of Demi Moore Looks Stunning With No Makeup

scout willis
scout willis

Scout Willis is the daughter of Demi Moore and she looked absolutely beautiful in pictures. Willis on 14th April posted a stunning selfie on her Instagram story which had the caption that meant that there is a unique level of pleasure once you prioritize the rights things in life. She also tagged some popular brands namely Sleep Artisan and James Cosmetics. 

Scout Willis Posted Her Selfie With A Caption ‘Prioritizing Pleasure’

The photo showed Scout Willis ending the day beautifully wearing a head wrap, comfortable clothes, and eye masks. She was about to sleep and was lying on the bed when the picture was taken and she looked angelic with no makeup on her face. Willis has two most everyday looks, one is where she wears minimum makeup which gives her a light and natural finish, and on the other days, she goes for no make-up. 

As for the fans, whether she has done crazy eye looks or zero makeup, she is absolutely loved by them. Demi Moore shares three daughters with Bruce Willis and Scout is their middle kid.  The other two children are Rumer and Tallulah and Bruce also shares two other daughters with their wife Emma Heming. 

In an interview in 2014 with Elle, Scout Willis stated that her idols are Miley Cyrus and Rihanna who achieved so much by doing what they loved to do. She stated that in the future she will do what she likes just like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, whom the media wanted to be a beautiful woman, but instead she became a rebel and fought all sorts of stereotypes. 

Scout Willis shared that the media and the entire Hollywood industry wants celebrities to be perfect and ideal in front of the camera and wear exactly what the stylist design for them. However, people who do not follow these rules end up like Miley Cyrus. With all this pressure, she is doing well on her own and people are loving it.