Ant Anstead Setting Couple Goals

Ant Anstead

Holiday moods all around the world, and some known faces are making it all worth it with their efforts and photos. Ant Anstead an English guy now resides in sunny California, celebrating Christmas with his girlfriend and three years old sons. Their Christmas tree is all decked with traditional red and green baubles. And his son carefully tries to put one of them on the Christmas tree with his tiny hands.

Ant Anstead’s ‘International’ Christmas Tree 

Along with traditional baubles on the Christmas tree, Ant Anstead honors his girlfriend’s country. They put up the United Kingdom and Norway’s flags on the tree. He is honoring his birth country and his girlfriend’s.In the photo his son is putting the baubles delicately, those tiny hands are trying so hard not to mess up the decoration winning millions of hearts. Ant even wrote in his caption how his son Hudson, is helping the couple.

Ant and Renee Zellweger met in 2021 in his show, and since then they have been inseparable. They spent Thanksgiving in Sedona, however, Ant Anstead didn’t share a single photo of them together. Which led curious fans to question even if they have a single photo together or not and he replied positively that they do have so many. In the midst of all the curve balls life has been throwing at Anstead, he managed to make some happy moments in his life during the holidays.

Ant Anstead is battling for his son Hudson’s custody with ex-wife Christina Hall. Things have gotten out of hand for Christina Hall where she has been legally advised not to post photos of his son Hudson, whom he shares with Ant Anstead. However, both of them came to an agreement to have joint custody of their son both legally and physically.