Ariana Madix Says Bravo To Ex’s Double Life

ariana madix

Tom Sandoval was perhaps good at maintaining a double life. One with Ariana Madix, who he has been in a relationship with for the last nine years.

And another with Raquel Leviss who has been fooling around for six months. Ariana caught Tom Sandoval red-handedly. She went through his texts with Raquel and there were videos of her that completely justified cheating.

Raquel’s letter told her Tom used to come to her house every day. And after going back to their home he used to sleep next to Ariana. It was quite shocking that it took months for Ariana to find out.

Tom Sandoval made his sincere apology on Instagram but Leviss did nothing. She went into hibernation.

The Cheaters Kept Ariana Madix Behind Time

There were things Ariana Madix got to know about on the reunion day. There were things that both of them involved in the infidelity kept from Madix.

She regretted that if she knew she would have confronted both of them.

Whoopi Goldberg made a hilarious question to Ariana Madix if she wants to ask for checks from Raquel Leviss for the drinks and checks at the bar.

Raquel Leviss was provided with a place to stay and friends to comfort her.

She betrayed all of them. When Raquel Leviss was going through a heartbreak with her fiance. Ariana Madix was the one who provided her with a shoulder to cry on.

And now Ariana Madix regrets everything she did for them. She strongly believes she should definitely send her a Venmo request for all the money she owes to Madix.

The infidelity took the internet by storm. Raquel Leviss immediately left LA and went into hibernation. Tom Sandoval was left to face the media and trolls on social media.