Bad Bunny Said That His First Kiss On-Screen With A Man Was ‘Awesome”

Bad Bunny

Speaking of his first kiss on-screen, Bad Bunny, on Tuesday opened up about having to share a kiss with his co-actor in the film they made, titled Cassandra. 

The famous 29-year-old Me Porto Bonito’ rapper jokingly said about his situation of having to kiss his co-star Gael Garcia Bernal in the movie, where Bad Bunny plays his lover. Adding that perhaps this was the punishment he is getting for having been with multiple women in his lifetime. He further added, that for him, it was merely a job. It was extremely professional, something that he took with a lot of seriousness.

Bad Bunny And His Take On Toxic Masculinity

The actor who has always been known for having challenged the concept of toxic masculinity had even kissed a male background dancer during one of his performances for MTV.

Bad Bunny, believes that the idea surrounding sex comprises a huge world where anyone can choose anything they wish to be. The star, urging us to love whoever we want to says that, at the end of it, we all are simply human beings. Another statement was made by him around March 2022, when he dressed up as a drag for one of his music videos. Meanwhile, in one of his interviews in the month of May, of the previous year, the star opened up about his ever-changing styles and how he does not stick to any rule book as such when it comes to fashion. 

The believes that fashion is all about his state of mind, and comfort. He believes in fluidity and doesn’t let himself be defined by the rigid labels of ‘gender’, masculinity, or femininity, and for him, clothes are just clothes. Not a definition or label that defines their orientation.