Doja Cat Has A Message For Her Critics: Asks Haters To ‘Eat Farts’

Doja Cat

Celebrity rapper, Doja Cat recently surfaced in the news amidst her plastic surgery talks. She recently underwent two massive surgeries on her body, which includes liposuction on her butt as well as breast augmentation, which recently became the topic of Twitter-Town. 

Due to these surgeries, Doja Cat is currently lying low at her house and is focusing more on healing her body before jumping back into work. While at home, the ‘Kiss Me More’ star is not idle. Meanwhile, she took this opportunity to let the fans know about her healing process and about how she has been feeling over the past couple of days.

In the beginning, fans were quite supportive as well as intrigued by her body modifications and communicated that they could not wait to see how even more gorgeous it would make her look.

Doja Cat Shuts Critic With Humorous Comment, Fans Cheer For The Icon

Upon being asked about how she felt, Doja Cat gracefully replied that she felt much better even though a bit sore because of the liposuction. She added, that she was healing fast. She has even said, upon being inquired by them, that she is going to upload a photo as soon as she has healed completely.

However, soon this exchange between her and her fans took a nasty turn when one of her critics turned up and bashed her about the ills of plastic surgery. The critic specifically said how terrible it was to speak openly about such things, especially to her ‘impressionable’ fans. To which, the icon instantly asked the critic to ‘go eat her warm farts.’ Supporters immediately came in masses to comment on how hilarious Doja was for her reply.

Doja Cat has been quite open about all her procedures. This is not the first time that she has been this transparent on the internet. She had previously posted a photo of herself wearing full makeup that stood as evidence of her recent outbreak of pimples.