Benjamin Keough’s Grave Relocates For Lisa Marie Presley Request

Benjamin Keough
Benjamin Keough & Elvis

Lisa Marie Presley is making sure that Benjamin Keough, her son is always by her side. As per the reports, the famous singer has requested to move the grave of her son to a new place so that she can be buried beside her son after demise.

The news was first reported by The Sun and confirmed by the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, where Benjamin was laid to rest in July 2020 following his tragic death by suicide.

A spokesperson for the cemetery confirmed that the grave of Benjamin Keough is being getting moved. He said that the request was made by Lisa Marie Presley.

The location for the grave of Benjamin Keough is close to the area where Priscilla Presley, his grandmother, has been buried.

Benjamin Keough Died Very Young

The sole child of Lisa Marie and her ex-husband, musician Danny Keough, was Benjamin Keough. He passed away in July when he was 27.

The tragedy shocked their family to the core. Lisa has been open about all her struggles of coping with the death of her child Benjamin Keough. She admitted that the loss of any child brings unthinkable misery and things that no parent can ever recover from.

This isn’t the first time Lisa Marie has spoken out about her son’s death. In October, she revealed that she had “tried to keep his memory alive” by getting tattoos in his honor.

she said that she has two tattoos that she got with him back when he was alive, and she got a couple more after his demise. she said that they’re very personal for him and her.

In addition, Lisa Marie is the mother of twins Finley and Harper Lockwood, 11, and actress Riley Keough, 31, who she shared with her 4th husband, Michael Lockwood.

From 1967 until 1973, the singer was wed to the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Afterwards, she became married to Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, and Michael Lockwood, a businessman.