Queeva Comes Up With A Fresh Take On A Common Misery


19-year-old Queeva has poignantly captured the pain of extreme heartbreak. Despite her young age, she has been able to capture a huge experience of heartbreak in Breaking My Heart despite not having experienced any major experience of sorrow.

Queeva admits that despite the sad tone of the song, she is in a happy frame of mind, and finds the whole situation funny. She said that though she had her share of heartbreaks, it has always been about the little things in life, and she relates to that. She says that she is too young to have experienced any major miseries in life.

Queeva says Breaking My Heart can be termed a moving story song, but with an altered perspective. She wrote the song alongside Ryan Garrett and Brandon Darcy. She says that the song is definitely not about her personal life. Queeva counts among her influences her grandmother, who is Irish, and Taylor Swift. She is at present in a two-year relationship and the boy is someone she knew from high school.

Queeva Says That The Song Is For Those Who Have Faced Heartbreak In Life

Queeva says that despite her song sounding heartbroken, she is the opposite. She and her 5 siblings live in a typical Irish neighborhood in Chicago’s north suburbs. She speaks of her love interest and says that she loves him for his personality, which is his greatest part. She says that they get along well, the reason that they have been together for two years.

Queeva says that it is not so with many of her fans and she felt that she also needs to explore that mental state too. She says that many people have faced heartbreak in their relationships, a friendship, and many other aspects of life. She says that whenever she listens to Breaking…, it awakens in her a certain feeling. Her previous single garnered more than 250,000 views in 2022.