Best Practices Of Video Marketing For Travel And Tourism

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The tourism and travel industry has suffered a lot at the hands of COVID-19 because most travelers had to cancel out their travel plans, and the government had issued travel bans in most countries. But, this doesn’t mean that the industry will slowly plummet towards extinction as we have the necessary technology to stop that from happening. Video marketing is one of the ways through which the travel and tourism sector of the country can be rejuvenated back. Also, since most countries are lifting bans on travel slowly, it is expected that the sector will bounce back with a whole host of travelers moving from place to place.

video marketing

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The United Nations World Tourism Organization stated that the number of tourists traveling the world has slowly increased over the last decade or two. From a mere 400 million in the 1990s, tourism has grown over 1.6 billion in the last year. While there have always been advantages of such a ballooning up of an industry, there are a few problems too. On one hand, you have a huge economic burden lifted off your shoulders, but on the other hand, this results in an immense lack of attention and a huge competition amongst travel companies.

In this predicament, the best way to deal would be to use the latest technology available- video marketing.

Here are a few tips and techniques that would be useful if you want to bring your video marketing game to the front-

Create Destination Videos As a Video Marketing Strategy

There is an entire demographic that sits on the fence about going to a particular destination, wondering if a particular place would be better than any other option. Video marketing would definitely cater to this public because you would be able to use the resources at your disposal to create panoramic scenes of a particular place- convincing them that missing out on this would be sacrilege. One of the best-known video marketing strategies is to identify the locations in and around a place that are photogenic and sell the place based on that. These videos will always get a lot of traction because people will distribute it amongst their families and friends, and the tourism industry in that place might get a big boost too. Remember, for content video marketing you don’t really need to be a professional at what you do. You simply need to understand where your mistakes are, and which editing tools would be the best. The rest you will develop on your own.

video marketing

Personalize Your Videos

You can always create a whole host of video chains, but there is something different about creating videos with a personal touch to it. Delta Airlines is one such airline company that combines their video campaigns with an incredibly personal touch. Club Family Hotel in Italy is another- they decided to chalk up on every customer’s preferences, and feedback to bring out a video that highlighted the light-spirited nature of the hotel. How did they do it? Well, all they had to do was study up the demography. If families had children with them, the video focused on nurseries, parks, and splash pools. But if the families had teenagers, the video would be aimed towards concerts, sports, gymnasiums that would attract a specific age. A brilliant video marketing strategy is to know your clientele.

Ramp Up Your UGC Video Marketing

If you can somehow create your business around bringing videos that are user-generated, you will find yourself a hit video marketing campaign on your hands. All you have to do is ensure that there is a humane presence in the video. For, people relate heavily to stories narrated by normal individuals like themselves. Destination Canada had decided to uphold this video marketing strategy by using pictures, videos, and events shot by tourists. The video received a mammoth 1.2 million views on Youtube and was received quite well. A human touch in videos makes up for far more relatable content than something that would be created by brands. Sure, it would be beautifully and aesthetically curated, but it would lack that raw feel which a user would be able to provide from experience.

Chalk Out A Distribution Strategy For Video Marketing

Your video might be top class but if you don’t have a proper distribution strategy it will fail. For, there are millions of people on social media with similar tropes of videos which can be more viable to a suitable topography of users. You need to find the goal behind your video, and then find a niche for you. You need to tailor your content to the public you want to distribute to. Find specific channels that will accentuate your videos, and you will strike gold.

video marketing

Make Your Videos Share-worthy

You can create a good video, but you also need it to be shared. The video needs to go out and reach people, and they need to share it too. And how to make such content? Well, you make it relatable to that specific stratum of the public. If it is about a particular street in NYC, you can easily ask people of NYC to share it- for they would be able to appreciate the work you have put behind creating the video to celebrate it. The one way to make sure people view and respect your work is to ensure that it is appreciated by at least one section of the public in the beginning- especially by those who are native to your video content.

Create Profile Videos For Content Video Marketing

The best way to display and flaunt your company or business. A small slideshow or a montage of image showing the inner workings of business would make it really good. If it is about traveling, show them snippets about you having fun. For that again is relatable.

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These video marketing strategies are definitely going to take your business to the top, amidst times when most businesses are trying to find a place for themselves.