Bethenny Frankel Throw Shades At KKW

Bethenny Frankel

This isn’t the first time Bethenny Frankel the star of The Real Housewives of New York City threw shade at KKW. She again shared her negative thoughts on the Kardashians being fake. She attacked Kim Kardashian West and indulged herself in a catfight.

Bethenny Frankel Asked People ‘Not To Feed The Beast’

Bethenny feels Kardashians are ‘fake’ and not a good influence on the younger generation. Bethenny has always been vocal about her thoughts and ideas. And this time is nothing different. A recent news report said Kim Kardashians have hired extra security for her kids in school cause her ex-husband Kanye West disclosed the school’s name, making her feel ‘unsafe’ for her kids. Bethenny Frankel added that the Kardashians-Jenner’s life is a façade, nothing is real about them.

Kardashians-Jenner set unrealistic and unethical goals for people and especially the younger generation cause of what they do with the money to their figures and faces. Citizens of America or normal don’t hold that huge amount of money in their bank accounts that would make them feel ‘perfect’, instead of inspiring the younger generation about being real and feeling confident in their skin the Kardashian-Jenner are pushing them towards ‘depression’ and spreading not feeling ‘perfect’ attitude towards the younger generation.

A few days ago Kim Kardashian was booed by football fans in LA, she was attending to watch Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas cowboys match. Bethenny Frankel made comments afterward saying ‘stop feeding the beast. She felt KKW was booed cause of being unreal and whatever she showcases are unreal.

The fans booed her as a real human being who has daughters, a wife, and sisters at home, who may suffer from being not good enough because of Kardashians setting goals that are unsettling for the normal middle-class family. However, she further commented on Kardashians being ‘destructive’ and ‘irresponsible’ and for putting a curtain on reality in which these younger cannot compete. She even calls out Kylie’s makeup brand as a scam, and overpriced.