Beyonce Wished Her Twins Sir And Rumi A Happy Fourth Birthday!


Beyonce didn’t lose a single special moment while celebrating her babies’ birthday! Her babies marked one more trip around the sun. Beyonce, the winner of the Grammy Award for the 28th time, wished her twins Sir and Rumi Carter a happy fourth birthday on Sunday. The 39-year-old musician wrote on her webpage that two gifts are always more special and better than one gift. Bey also wished the twins by writing on the webpage. 

Beyonce And JAY-Z Explained The Reason Behind The Names Of Their Twins!

On 13th June 2017, Beyonce and JAY-Z, her husband welcomed son Sir Carter and daughter Rumi Carter. JAY-Z, now 51 years old, and also Beyonce’s husband, write that Rumi is their favorite poet and that is the reason why they named their daughter after Rumi. The explanation with regards to the names of the two twins was given by JAY-Z later the same year. He also explained the reason behind naming their son Sir. JAY-Z felt that his son came out of the gate like a man and a sir, so he couldn’t help keeping his name, Sir. In Homecoming, the Netflix documentary of 2019, Beyonce described just how difficult her pregnancy was. 

She also stated in that documentary that over time, she has developed preeclampsia. She added that her body overcame some very difficult conditions which she also knew that her body couldn’t. She said that she took a distressing physical toll while returning back to work. Beyonce remembered how she used to dance and breastfeed her babies while going off her trailer. She also remembered that on days where she could, she used to bring her children along with her. She is still having problems balancing being the mom of a six-year-old and also twins, who need her, and also being creative while writing her songs.