Big Oil Continues To Get Thrashed Online

Big Oil
Big Oil

When the violent, infamous riot broke out in the Capitol building of the US during the affirmation of Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 Presidential elections over the then President, Donald Trump, a lot of public figures and organizations came forth to defy the act. They did it through social media. Chevron, the multinational energy corporation of America, and a part of Big Oil, too took over the social media platform, Twitter, with regard to the issue.

They tweeted that the transition of the government of the US must be made in a peaceful manner. However, things did not go as planned and it faced a backlash from users. This brings down to the fact that Big Oil is being scrutinized by the public on its contradicting actions that stand against its words.

Big Oil Posts, Attacked

Twitter users accused Chevron of giving donations to the criminals and of carrying out a number of violations in order to make its profit. Not only them, but the entire Big Oil group has witnessed a bulk of accusations and criticisms over Twitter.

One of the journalists who carried out an investigation has made a revelation that exposed the hypocrisy of Big Oil. According to the reports from the investigation, the union was well aware of the climate change risks, yet, it did not make any effort to make it known to the public. This is one of the reasons why there does not exist any such social media post of Big Oil that is free of harsh comments from a group of people who are well aware of their intentions.

According to an analysis made by Oil Change International I in the year 2020, the climate plan of Big Oil was poor. Their carbon footprints were immense. Also, their plan to provide protection to the workers in case of any accidents were insufficient.