Billie Eilish Features New Style After Grammys

billie eilish
billie eilish

Billie Eilish the singer has changed her iconic hairstyle. She shot to fame primarily because of the song “bad guy”. Until now she sported neon green colored hair with black ends. Now 19, the singer revealed a new style on her Instagram profile on Wednesday.

The post has Billie Eilish looking away while featuring blonde hair. The new hairstyle also has fashionable textures on the bangs and layers. The post had the caption “pinch me”.

Billie Eilish’s Recent Features

The post instantly took off. It received almost 9 million likes. The singer has a follower count of 77.8 million. Fan reactions were usually ecstatic and surprised with the change. One reply said that the new style might prove to be the love of their life. The changed appearance was generally appreciated. Her ability to make any look work was pointed out.

Hairstyles have not been constant for Billie Eilish. She has also tried out coloring her hair in shades of blue and grey among quite a few others.

She had performed at the recent Grammy Awards. She sang the hit single “Everything I wanted” for the 63rd iteration of the annual music awards. She also received the award for the record of the year for the same track.

In her speech after getting the award, Eilish admitted that it was an embarrassing moment for her. In her opinion. Megan Thee Stallion deserved the award more than her. However, Megan had also received quite a few other awards on the night.

Eilish continued in her acceptance speech that she was preparing a speech showcasing Megan’s worthiness. She did not believe that she would be getting it. Eilish still dedicated the award to Megan for the amazing year that the artist had. She praises Megan’s talent and how she is always on her mind.

She ended the speech by thanking Ringo Starr, the presenter, and her brother Finneas.