Grace And Chandler Powell Are In Bindi Irwin’s Adorable Family Photo, Which She Captioned, “My Whole World”

Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin

In the eyes of Bindi Irwin, home and family comes first. The 25-year-old environmentalist wrote a statement on Instagram on Saturday honoring her “world”: Chandler Powell, her husband, and Grace Warrior, her daughter who recently turned two. The family took a cute photo with Piggy, one of the zoo’s puppies, at a zoo in Australia, where Powell and Irwin, both 25, work. Irwin also uploaded a cute snapshot of her with her little self. Bindi Irwin captioned the images, “My. Whole. World. The nicest girls, Powell said in the photo offering his wife his love. You are the whole world of the US.

Bindi Irwin Considers Daughter To Be A Little Miracle

Bindi Irwin shared her feelings of gratitude for her daughter with the media for her 2023 cover for August. “Personally, we consider Grace to be such a blessing,” Irwin said to the media. “Every morning when I get up, I look at our lovely daughter and tell myself, “She’s our tiny miracle,” and I feel like weeping because we have been so fortunate to have her.”

“And there used to be a good chance we couldn’t have a child, so to be able to have our girl, we feel so lucky,” she concluded. She further continued that she wished people would take their time before inquiring “Why don’t you have more kids?

Bindi Irwin acknowledged that considering her battles with endometriosis, it might be “disheartening” to respond to that question. “I feel as if it’s a heartbreaking universal concern for women because you don’t know whatever’s going on with their lives or what goes on behind shut doors,” she remarked. “And somebody asking, ‘Why don’t you want more children? You should bear more children,’ was said. Everyone has distinct journeys and stories, therefore it hurts your heart.