Celebrations Are Enjoyed By Bindi Irwin And Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin

Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin had an intimate marriage celebration on 25th March 2020 that took place at Australia Zoo. The 24-year-old Australian conservationist this Monday shared some sentimental pictures leading up to the third marriage anniversary with the 26-year-old Chandler Powell.

A recent post was made by her where in the picture we can see Bindi Irwin and her husband Chandler cuddling with a koala. This picture was followed by another picture from their wedding in which we see Powell holding a koala with a giraffe serving as a backdrop.

In the final picture from the album, we see the couple showing off their affection by feeding a giraffe and matching their uniforms from Australia Zoo. The caption is a recall of the koala and giraffe being a part of their big ceremony.

Bindi Irwin writes that Koala, named Darling Brandy, and a giraffe named Forest were among the handful of guests who were present for the wedding due to the ongoing pandemic.

Bindi Irwin Looks Back At Her Three Years Of Marriage

Bindi Irwin further continues in the post and reflects on her marriage and saying that the current week they have been observing three long years of wedding and reflects how this marriage has been a tornado of affection and adventure.

Their wedding anniversary has been coming up after Bindi Irwin threw light on her contracting endometriosis which is a reproductive situation wherein the tissue of the uterine grows on the outer side of the uterus which causes severe cramping and pain.

While at the hospital Bindi Irwin shared a picture of herself in bed and admitted to being unsure about her desire to make her health a public discussion but eventually felt a sense of responsibility to tell her journey in order to help those women in need.